Former CS Rashid Echesa Fires Back at DCI Hours after his arrest

Embattled Former Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Rashid Echesa has lifted the lid on the intricate details surrounding his arrest over fraudulent accusation of three motors belonging to Esther Kabura.

In his response, the Former CS produced a letter stating how the Directorate of Criminal Investigations vindicated him from an alleged fraudulent accusation of three motors.

Rashid Echesa while being arrested by DCI detectives.

Echesa claims that the DCI act of arresting him and taking his vehicles was malicious.

“AMBIGUOUS! It’s amazing that the @DCI_Kenya works in a cryptic and abstruse way! Why are they acting as if they never served me with this letter dated 5th February 2018!” tweeted Echesa.

In the letter shared by Echesa, a complaint was made on January 23rd 2017 by Kabura who claimed that the Former CS, who was a friend to her late husband, took three vehicles belonging to her late husband immediately after his death for safe custody but failed to return them.

The three vehicles were listed as KBZ 009 J Toyota Land Cruiser V8, KBN 242 W Toyota Mark X and KAY 388 A Volkswagen Passat.

The DCI Kenya further established that Echesa was given the vehicles for safe custody after the complainant, Kabura, was embroiled in an inheritance dispute with the relatives of her late husband who are accused to have plotted to take over the properties.

The letter further vindicates Echesa from the claim of fraudulent accusation with the DCI stating that the complainant had requested the Former CS to dispose of the vehicle for her due to her financial constraints.

“It was established that indeed the said motor vehicles were given to Rashid Mohamed following a disagreement between the complainant and the family of her late husband who wanted to deprive her of their properties which included the motor vehicles.

Vehicles recovered at Echesa’s Karen Home.

“Later the complainant approached Rashid requesting him to assist her in disposing of the motor vehicles as she was undergoing serious financial problems.

“Upon completion of the investigations, it was established that the motor vehicles in question were sold by the complainant a fact that was supported by the production of a signed agreement and cash deposits into her account,” reads in part the letter from the DCI dated February 5th 2018.

According to the alleged DCI’s letter: “Due to the aforesaid, the matter was closed as no further police action was required after both parties were summoned and were advised accordingly.”

Toyota LandCruiser V8 recovered from Echesa’s homestead.

It is not clear yet whether the recovered vehicles are the current subject of investigations since the DCI did not mention the name of the complaint, save for the fact that they indicated that the complainant was a widow.

According to DCI: “FOLLOWING a complaint made to the @DCI_Kenya Public Complaints Section by a Kisumu resident of Former CS Rashid Echesa having Fraudulently transferred to his possession her late husband’s three Motor vehicles; a Passat KAY 388A, KBZ 009J Toyota LandCruiser V8 & KBN 242N Toyota, Mark X in 2016.

“#DCI SCU Detectives today carried investigations in the Karen Home of Mr Echesa & recovered the following; 1. KCW 289Q Toyota LandCruiser V8, 2. KCL 350J Mercedes Benz, 3. KAY 388A Volkswagon Passat, 4. KBP 725B Ford Ranger, 5. Lexus with no Reg Number, & 6. Front & rear number plates (KBS 388F). Ksh. 507,000 was also found in the front seat of the Benz. All the vehicles are taken for verification by @ntsa_kenya officers as further investigations into the complainant’s allegations continue.”

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