Asikaribie Studio Tena! Why Kenyans Want Gospel Singer Bahati to Be Banned From Producing Songs

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Controversial Gospel Singer Bahati Kenya has once again made it to the top of the trending topics after releasing yet another secular collabo.

Even after facing the wrath of Kenyans for producing trash music ‘Taniua’featuring Gengetone boy Band.

Taking to his social media accounts, the EMB CEO asked Eastland Most Beloved (EMB) records CEO. announced his new collabo song dubbed ‘kererembe’ featuring genge legends the Kansoul.

However, his irate fans have accused him of trying so hard to remain relevant by following his long time rival Willy Paul’s footsteps.

Some say that he should be banned from producing songs adding that he will be the end of Kenya music industry.

All these controversies have made him receive more hate than love.

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Bahati’s latest online fights

A few days ago, Bahati lashed out at popular DJ G Money called him gay after he (DJ Money ) said that he does not recognize Bahati.

“@GMONEYizME which Bahati song are you playing at club Milan tonight?” asked the fan

Money in his response insinuated that he does not know who Bahati and asked the fan to clarify.

“Who’s that” Money responded

The question seems to have angered Bahati, who went on to call  G Money gay, saying that he had heard rumors that G Money had been involved with a man.

“I have heard there’s an upcoming DJ who Kenya has given asylum for 20 years by the name #GMoney @GMONEYizMe. Ambieni huyu chichiman the only time I heard about him, alikua amepiga boy mti na hata  hajawai support Kenyan music no wonder hajui wasanii wa Kenya.” Bahati wrote

Here are some of the comments.








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