Kwani Aliacha Gospel? Bahati surprises Fans with another Controversial Song featuring The Kansoul

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Kevin Bahati who is popularly known as Bahati has surprised us again!

He has released another song with the boy group, The Kansoul. The song is called Kererembe which is a Kikuyu term that means crowd. This song came as a surprise and made fans wonder if he has left the gospel industry.

His fans told him that he needs to get back to the sweet Mtoto wa Mama he was.

Others said that he is confusing his role models and is slowly growing into a junior Willy Paul. This song comes after he dropped another one last month that featured The Boondocks Gang.

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Lately, the father of five has been trending for the wrong reasons. The award-winning artist recently accused Dj G money of being gay but never confirmed anything he said. The musician has been trolled a lot ever since the year began, he was attacked for sending Peter Blessing to jail, showing off his wealth, stage managing his Being Bahati reality show, just to mention a few. He definitely needs to take a chill pill.

Nowadays Kenyan musicians are shifting from secular to gospel and vice versa. Some artists have confessed that at times they feel they are not getting enough money, others want to tell an inspiring story that is linked to what they have faced in their lives and simply switch just for a change.

The artists that have moved from secular to gospel include; Size 8, Amani, Former Straight up host Namtero, Wahu, Cece Sagini, DNA, Lady Bee and Collo. 

The musicians that have changed their gospel niche to secular include; Willy Paul, Juliani, Dunco, DNG, DNA, Ivlyn Mutua, KImdanny and L-jay Maasai. Bahati seems to be joining this gang soon and it’s the high time he confirms that he has moved to the secular world.

Here is the video of the song;

What do you think of the song?


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