Tongues Wagging After Lupita Nyong’o Revealed Her Real Age

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It’s rare to find a celebrity who can tell their real age, especially on this continent. From actresses to socialites, most of them never age and are always sweet 18, 20 0r 24.

However, the Hollywood actress, Lupita Nyong’o has revealed her real age and Tweeters are shocked.

Taking to her Twitter account, the award-winning actress shared her beautiful photo with a caption revealing her real age.

“This is 37. #FeelingTheLove,” she wrote.
The Wakanda Queen just clocked 37 years old. Yes! the governor’s daughter is 37 but wait, she doesn’t look like her real age.
Even the tweeters, who wished her happy birthday, were shocked to discover that the actress is in her late thirties.
Some say she looks much younger than her age while others wonder why she is not yet married.
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Astasia Williams asked, “Excuse me? 37? WHERE?!?!?”

Stephen Ford said that she looked younger than her real age,” happy birthday but you look 25, you beautiful human,”

Gaymer, “37? happy birthday will you please marry me”.

Lazooj…..37?Na haujaoleka, huogopi?

Greek Soul Brother…..”Did you mean 27 right? Happy Birthday!”

Ming Dee Mercy…”Hol’ up? She 37? Damn she look good for 37. I thought she was bout 25 for real”.
DeMark G…”Happy Birthday Lupita! God bless and may heaven continue to smile upon you! But you look 15″
Jonathan Jaz…..“You are a PHENOMENAL actress. Your performance in the US was one of the best I’ve seen in years!Plz marry me”
Sammy Magie“Happy Birthday to Queen of Wakanda. We celebrate you home away from Home but you look so young”.

Mark Kimdel….“Happy Birthday! Stunning! but you are not 37”


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