How Kenyan Artist Used Steve Harvey’s Attention to Market His Country


Collins Omondi Okello, a Kenyan artist, captured American comedian and TV host Steve Harvey’s attention after he shared a drawing portrait of him requesting his followers to help him reach Harvey.

Luckily, Harvey responded to Omondi’s tweet and promised to meet him since he will be visiting Africa.

“Now I’m looking for you it would be my honor to have this …. what size is it and I’ll be in Joburgh and Botswana soon let’s hook up then,” he said.

Omondi took that opportunity to market his country Kenya, as he went ahead to invite Harvey into the country.

I am actually in Nairobi, Kenya not so far from Jo’Burg or Botswana. If possible, I would be proud to invite you over to Kenya for a Safari to experience Magical Kenya as I present this portrait! How do I reach you?” he said.

His response also captured Kenyans attention as they went ahead to congratulate him for taking such an opportunity to market his country something which not so many people would do.

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