Governors Using County Funds to Sponsor BBI Meetings

A section of Members of County Assembly (MCAs) have accused governors of using county finances to sponsor the now popular Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rallies.

Embu County Minority Leader Masters Mwaniki has questioned whether the county chiefs could be using public funds to sponsor the BBI meetings.

The MCA says the governors have so far managed to edge out Senators, Members of National Assembly, Woman Representatives and MCAs in the BBI popularisation campaigns and regional consultative forums.

Mwaniki who is also the MCA for Kiambere ward however said there was no evidence of a budgetary for BBI within the counties, yet governors had undertaken to ferry residents of their counties to BBI rallies and paying them
allowances of up to Ksh 3,000.

He said this was a worrying development that remained unexplained.

He said the 47 counties were grappling with numerous problems that ought to be addressed before plunging into the BBI campaigns.

According to him,  the common man would not mind much about BBI if services were not delivered to improve his livelihood.

Mwaniki at the same time warned against getting the country charged into an electioneering mood.

Muminji MCA Newton Kariuki revealed that Governor Martin Wambora acknowledged to having been asked to fund BBI meetings in the past, but he declined because he did not have funds for such activities.

Kariuki said Governor Wambora was known to decline to even buy the 33 Embu MCAs lunch, therefore exonerated him from the accusation of misuse of public funds.

In the same vein, Ruguru Ngandori MCA Muturi Mwombo sought to point out that there was no need to tussle about BBI since there was not much opposition to the initiative.

He said the country should concentrate on implementing development instead of hitting the campaign trail to drum support for BBI which was already acceptable to many.

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