Raila Under Fire as Popular MP is Set to Expose his Corrupt Dealings

Hot on the heels of ongoing onslaught against the Deputy President William Ruto over corruption accusations, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi on Friday evening directed similar attacks at the ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Taking to his social media accounts to comment on a tweet by the DP, which had castigated the ODM leader, Sudi labelled Raila the epitome of corruption.

ODM leader Raia Odinga.

According to Sudi, the ODM leader is at the nerve centre of irregular awards of the tenders to his proxy companies at a particular county in the Nyanza region.

Sudi claimed that several companies belonging or linked to Raila have become beneficiaries of tenders adding that it was ironical for the Former Premier to slam others on corruption.

The MP further dared to release the names of the contractors and suppliers of that county where he will also establish their links to the ODM leader.

“According to Raila, Ann Waiguru was a thief, Uhuru Kenyatta was a thief, Jubilee administration were looters but now that tables have turned William Ruto is the only corrupt fellow while when he was in ODM alikua mweupe kama pamba.

“Currently, as we speak, all contractors and suppliers in Kisumu County are proxy’s of Raila Odinga if you don’t agree with me then ask contractors in Kisumu and they will tell you.

“All ODM elected leaders bribed Raila Odinga in order to get ODM tickets and subsequently winning elections. Then what corruption is he talking about? Tomorrow morning, I will share with you a list of suppliers and contractors of Kisumu County and establish their links with Raila,” said Sudi.

According to Raila, Ann Waiguru was a thief, Uhuru Kenyatta was a thief, Jubilee administration were looters but now…

Posted by Oscar Kipchumba Sudi on Friday, 28 February 2020

The attack comes days after the ODM leader indirectly tore into DP Ruto saying he was plundering the public resources and hiding in the name of a ‘hustler’.

In his message, Raila wrote: “The theft of public resources is now called hustling. The sacking of corrupt and incompetent individuals is now called targeting our people. Changing this pattern of events is not going to be easy. But it must and has to be done or we will have no nation to save.”

However, a day later, the DP fired back on Friday and told him off against disrespecting the common hustlers seeking to eke out a living through their small ventures just because he was a son to a Vice President.

“Tinga, the privilege being VP’s son is no license for you to insult hustlers. Kenyans hustling as bodabodas, hawkers, traders, small SME’s, are NOT thieves but decent hard-working citizens deserving RESPECT. ‘Ama mtoto wa maskini akipata ameiba, lakini wa tajiri akiiba ni biashara’,” tweeted the DP.

4 thoughts on “Raila Under Fire as Popular MP is Set to Expose his Corrupt Dealings

  1. Let us not like those people brought a prositute woman to Jesus for punishment. Jesus told them whoever has never sinned before to throw first stone. Let us not judge other from tribal and political persepectuve. Corruption has become a culture in Kenya let us join hands and eradicate it not and tribal attack please.

    1. Criticizing each other in the name building popularity it’s only create hatred and division in the country.lets forget the past and join hands against corruption .
      As in the Bible Nehemiah unites the Israelites before starting to rebuild the Jerusalem

  2. War on graft as it stands right now..is a very sensitive menace that affects the whole country…I think we should come together and halt it, or else we are capsizing

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