Man United Fans Furious After Spotting Jesse Lingard Fooling Around in Training- VIDEO

Manchester United star Jesse Lingard was once a fans’ favourite!

But that love seems to have grown frosty in the recent past with United fans always ready to criticize even the slightest mistake done by the English player.

And Lingard appears to have angered a section of fans for perhaps being a bit funny on the training pitch ahead of their Europa League clash against Club Brugge on Thursday.

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In a viral video, the 27-year-old has been seen dancing around the ball and doing a handstand alongside teammate Andreas Perreira.

Maybe, according to fans, players should be serious all the time during training to avoid any excuse in case of a defeat.

Notably, Lingard’s ‘sins’ are more conspicuous owing to his recent form that has declined to a greater extent.

Take a look at the video of Lingard in training;

Check out how United fans reacted to the video;

In this season, Lingard has played 9 matches (plus 11 as a sub). He has 5 shots on target from a total of 11 shots and has scored 0 goals. His passes average to 19 per match with a pass completion rate of 87%, and has 1 assist.

As an attacking midfielder, the Brit needs to get his career back on track!



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