King Kaka Fiercely Defends Brenda Wairimu After Online Attack

Controversial rapper King Kaka has come out to the defence of Brenda Wairimu alongside other Kenyan actors after they were attacked online.

In  the twitter post announcing the launch of Netflix Naija, a Kenyan came out to imply that Kenyan film industry is biased and favours Brenda Wairimu and Nick Mutuma.

In @YouLoveLeona’s words, “If this was Kenya it would be Nick Mutuma and Brenda Wairimu only.”

King Kaka clearly wasn’t pleased by her statements and replied, “Pascal Tokodi , Manase , Catherine, Sarah , actors wako wengi its only that we don’t support them . Let’s not bash our own. I always say when your kid will start acting then this post will be different.”

Check out his reply below:

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