7 Unwritten Social Rules Everyone Should Know

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As much as people use the phrase ‘Rules are made to be broken’, there are some unwritten rules which are supposed to be highly considered for a smooth living. These are;

When you’re walking behind someone on pavement and they are going slow, say ‘Excuse me’ and have them give you the way, rather than tailing them and breathing down their neck, waiting for them to move out of the way.

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If someone is talking to you in person, and your phone rings, politely excuse yourself if you have to take the call. If you are on a date or out with one another person, cut the call short and tell the caller you will call them back once you’re free. Respect the person you are out with.

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In supermarkets, don’t have your friends or family continue to get stuff to the queue as you await your turn, or worse when you are already at the payment counter. It shows a lack of consideration for the people in the queue after you. Get whatever you need to before you reach the payment counter or go again.

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When someone shows you a picture on their mobile, look at that picture only. Do not scroll left or right. You are invading their privacy.

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At a party or wedding, or any other celebration, if someone doesn’t want to dance, don’t force them. Ever. And definitely don’t make them feel worse by calling them too shy or a spoilsport.

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Always say Please and Thank you to people serving you, at restaurants, supermarkets, stores, etc. A little kindness won’t hurt, and you don’t know the kind of day they’re having.

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If you are going to get delayed to an appointment, meeting, etc. make sure you show courtesy towards your host, friends or whoever you are meeting by informing them of the delay.

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