Hotter Than Gere? Diamond’s New Hit ‘Jeje’ proves Song with Tanasha was just a Warm Up

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East Africa’s music giant has done it again!

He recently released a hot song Gere which featured his Kenyan lover, Tanasha Donna. Their song has been making endless headlines around East Africa. The song is currently at 4 million views in one week.

Just after thinking this is one of the hottest 2020 jams by Diamond, he surprised us with another steamy song called Jeje.

It features a beautiful video vixen identified as Malaika Salatis. Damn! She is blessed with a banging body, smooth glowy skin and knows how to shake what her mama gave her.

In the video, she simply oozes seduction, sex appeal and a flirtatious vibe that any man would want to be in Diamond’s shoes.

The Jeje song is currently at over 200k views and fans are claiming that the ‘Gere’ hitmaker has copied Nigeria’s Burna Boy and Wizkid.

Here is the video and tell us what you think:

Apparently, the video vixen is not Tanzanian. She comes from a tiny island located at the Indian Ocean.

This is definitely a hit and Diamond has lots in store for us this year!



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