Sad! Children Confess Dark Secrets They Have Been Hiding From Their Parents

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Child-Parent relationship matters most for the growth of children. Some kids go through a lot of issues and abuse which they keep to themselves for fear of consequences which will come with sharing with their parents.

Check out the confessions below from children on what they have been hiding from their parents.

I was sexually abused by our family friend’s son when I was 7. You guys always forced me to play with him during family events so I tried my best to get along with him. He repeatedly stuck his hand down my pants while we were watching movies and groped me. I told him, no, but he never listened. While you guys were busy chatting away after dinner, he locked me in the closet for an hour until I agreed to listen to him, held me against my will, and proceeded to take off my pants and do terrible things to me as I squirmed and cried. I, the young and scared 7-year-old at the time, became the victim of his 16-year-old porn fantasies.

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Dad, I was playing games on your computer one day and accidentally found your porn. I got in trouble that day for “disrupting your downloads”. Yes, I was 9. Yes, English isn’t my first language. But it doesn’t take a lot of brains to read “daddy fucks his daughter on cam” and understand what it means. This is why I was so afraid of you after that day. I thought you were going to molest me like the hundreds of similar videos you watched on the daily.

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Dad and Mom, you don’t realize the effect your violent arguments had on me and my perspective of love. You two used to bring me into your issues, and force me to choose “who was right”. Dad, I watched you repeatedly hit Mom and threaten to kill her when the fighting got bad. Mom, I also watched you threaten to kill yourself whenever he wouldn’t listen. Now that I’ve grown up, I know you wouldn’t have done it, but in my 10-year old mind, I began to believe that you were so willing to give up my sister and I just because your husband didn’t listen to you.

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I was raped in my first year of college by my ex-boyfriend. He wanted to get back together, but I didn’t, and he finished in me. I had no one to turn to, and I couldn’t ask you guys for help because I knew you two would disown me, so I walked 5 miles and bought Plan B with my savings.

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