Another Ruto-Centred Headline Lands Daily Nation in Trouble

Kenya’s biggest newspaper by coverage, Daily Nation, has yet again come under sharp criticism over what is seen by critics, as a negative political agenda against Deputy President William Ruto.

In their Monday, February 24 edition, the local daily had “Making of a break-up” as the top headline, a story that outlined the end of ‘bromance’ between the DP and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the paper, the political dalliance between the two came to an end after their re-election in 2017 and the subsequent truce between Uhuru and ODM supremo Raila Odinga.

In addition, Nation depicted the ongoing saga surrounding the deputy president to be making matters worse for him as Uhuru seeks to end his term on a high by fighting graft. In particular, the authors singled out the fake arms deal that saw the arrest of former Sports CS Rashid Echesa at Harambee House Annex that houses the DP’s office.

However, the feature did not augur well with a number of Kenyans who accused the publication of soiling the DP’s name with unnecessary propaganda and ‘fake news’.

“Same old garbage. Nothing else is ailing this country apart from Ruto? Thanks to those who never waste their 60 bob to buy such a tabloid..Very soon you will be sending your staff home if this is the kind of crappy stuff to read every day,” tweeted George Keyman.

“You guys just won’t let up, will yah? The more you try painting him bad light, the more we ask ourselves, “Why don’t you want is to vote for Ruto?” Then, as in all humans, curiosity will get the best of us, and we’ll vote for him,” added Muchiri Muringi.

This follows a Sunday Nation feature that claimed that DP’s political future was in jeopardy, as he had surrounded himself with toxic individuals.

“‘As he casts his gaze far and wide, is William Ruto ignoring the small distractions nibbling away at his reputation?’ ” the story kicker reads. “He styles himself as a hustler who is fighting political dynasties but his path is littered with political mistakes and an unhelpful circle of political allies.”

The country’s second in command led his Tanga Tanga faction to laugh off the story that had also suggested that his chances to win the presidency in 2022, were being tainted by his association with individuals facing graft and criminal charges.

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