City Killer Police Finally Arrested

An Administrative Police (AP) officer who shot dead a boda boda rider at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Niarobi’s Eastlands has finally been arrested.

The officer is set to be arraigned in court today (Thursday) to be charged with murder.

According to reports, the bodaboda rider – Daniel Mburu had rescued a young girl who reportedly was drowning in Korogocho river.

After rescuing the girl, Mburu immediately took his motorbike and rushed her to the nearby Mama Lucy facility to save her life.

On arrival at Mama Lucy gate, a scuffle ensued, Mburu forced his entry into the facility to save the child’s life as he saw it an emergency. Luckily enough, he managed to find his way at the Accident and Emergency centre, where he handed over the young girl to the medics. To him, he had saved a life.

When Mburu was coming back from the Emergency centre, he realized his motorcycle was missing. He went and questioned the security guards at the facility who were in the company of two AP officers concerning his motorbike whereabouts.

When he questioned the officers on why they had confiscated his motorcycle, there was an exchange of words that led to a commotion, according to witnesses.

During the fracas, the AP officer who was carrying his rifle – an AK 47, shot the young man in the chest.

The officer flee from the scene after the incident.

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