How Clever Echesa Pulled a Military Show at City Hotel Before Visiting Ruto’s Office

Even as the detectives continue to unravel more mysteries into the fake arms scandal, more details have emerged on how the former sports CS Rashid Echesa pulled a military show together with his spanner boys at one of the city’s hotels.

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General William E. Ward, commander of U.S. Africa Command, inspects a guard of honour mounted for him upon his arrival to Nairobi, Kenya on November 24, 2008. Photo/File

In what could prove to have been a well-calculated move to have the directors convinced, deep investigations into the matter have revealed how Echesa and three other ‘con artists’ cleverly played their cards.

In an exclusive report carried out by citizen tv on Tuesday evening, Echesa together with his accomplices carried out the best ever trick that the directors of the US and Poland-based arms dealers needed to believe in them.

To score big on the deal, Echesa and his team needed military and political influence to showcase scenes that created a believable story. They already had actors and scenes set in place for that.

Daniel Otieno Omondi, who is believed to have been a former constable in the Kenya Defence forces was to act in the military connection.

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In this case, Omondi is said to have acted as the Army General, a man to ensure that all goes as per plans at the ‘Ministry of Defence’.

And when they travelled to Poland to inspect the military surveillance equipment, Omondi is said to have flown the drone as one way of proving his expertise in handling military equipment.

The same was replicated back in Kenya when the directors of the Eco Advanced Technologies came visiting. Omondi is said to have checked in with a military escort just like a real general.

He was dressed in full military regalia, where it is believed the victims were taken to the Ministry of Defence headquarters, where documents with a forged signature of Defence CS Monica Juma were signed.

The Ministry of Defence has, however, downplayed reports that the team visited DOD. The ministry suspected the deal could have been signed somewhere at one of the city’s hotels disguised as the defence headquarters.

The second part of the game was to show a political connection and perhaps Deputy President’s office at Harambee Annex was the most suitable for the job.

It is believed that the dark secrets of the scam were to happen at Ruto’s office as one way of assuring the directors that all was in place hence no need to worry.

But the Political face apparently, had another unnamed vocal female MP whose office is located at the KICC.

It is alleged Echesa and his team took the company directors to the politician at her KICC office. Sources claim investigators are currently running faces of the female MPs for one of the directors who visited the office to do facial recognition.

The detectives, now want the office of the DP to provide a full version of the CCTV footage, that shows what happened when Echesa entered the Harambee House Annex accompanied by the directors of a polished firm to sign the documents.

Even though the DP has distanced himself from the scam, investigators want to establish if anyone from Harambee House Annex was involved.

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