Did Murkomen Hint on Raila’s Involvement in Echesa’s Fake Arms Deal?

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen has found himself under fire after his tweet seemingly dragged the name of ODM leader Raila Odinga into the fake arms deal that has since dented the image of the Deputy President William Ruto.

Though Murkomen did not mention the name of Raila in his tweet, a section of the online users castigated him for going tribal while commenting on the fraudulent deal.

FILE: Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen.

In his message, Murkomen wrote: “In the purported DoD Security Equipment Scandal we know Rashid Echesa.

“Who are these other suspects i.e Daniel Otieno Omondi alias General Juma, Clifford Okoth Onyago&Kennedy Oyoo Mboya? In a country where association matters more than facts, whose allies are they?”

His followers took on him while others concluded that the Senator was tactically sanitizing DP Ruto’s name by dragging the ODM leader.

Veteran Journalist in his reaction took a swipe at Murkomen saying: “Yes, they are Luos who were sent by Raila to spoil for DP.

“As the DP said, kuna upungufu ya watu wajinga Kenya hii. Thank you, sir, for this illuminating line of thought. Now account for Achesa.”

Murkomen fired back dismissing the accusation and said: “Shame on you David for only seeing people based on their last name. Why don’t you then see Echesa from a tribal angle? Smh”

The developments came on the very day the Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa, who is a prime suspect in the fraudulent deal, was released on Ksh1 million cash bail after denying fraud charges.

Image result for rashid Echesa
Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa in court.

Echesa is said to have conned a foreign investor a jaw-dropping Ksh11.5 million as consultancy fee for the delivery of arms to the Kenyan government.

The matter dragged Ruto’s name after it was clear that Echesa with a team of his player in the fraud visited the office of the DP.

The DP confirmed that Echesa were in his office for a record 23 minutes.

The confession attracted uproar among members of the political class who demanded the DP to step aside.

However, on Monday the DP office said Echesa never met Ruto in his office and also never had an appointment.

His communication team added that Echesa, just like any other Kenyan, had a right to visit the DP’s office.

They concluded that Echesa never had any deliberation with any staff in the DP’s office.

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