Kenyans Rejoice as #DailyNation Finally Exposes Moi’s Cruelty

The former President Daniel Moi was finally put six feet under the soil in an emotional filled ceremony.

Moi’s journey came to an end at Kabarak, Nakuru, where he was accorded a State funeral complete with a 19 gun salute.

The days building to his burial were filled with glowing tributes from every angle.

The body of the late Former President Daniel Moi on its way to Parliament Buildings

Newspaper dailies had Moi printed on the first page with praises of his time on earth.

Television stations would hold hours of discussion of the life of the man who ruled for 24 years.

Like every human, the ‘Nyayo’ man was not a saint.

During one of the very many discussions, the deceased was claimed to be a very staunch Christian.

A section of Kenyans, however, proclaimed that the real truth was being cast aside from how a cruel leader Moi was.

Retired President Daniel Moi

Media houses such as Nation Media Group and Standard Group were ridiculed for their lack of professionalism in telling the story of Moi as it known, one capped with dark times.

Daily Nation seemed to have been listening as they finally exposed Moi’s chilling reign as president with the headline dubbed ‘Moi: X-Files’.

Daily Nation Exposes Moi

The article contained the moments Moi used force and fear to stamp his rule with the likes of the Nyayo torture chambers.

The move was welcomed by netizens who lauded the local daily for becoming brave instead of watering down the reality and truth of who the real Moi was.

Here are some of the reactions:

Gabriel Oguda states, “The Daily Nation have decided that the only love they’re going to give your favourite President is the truth.”

Another netizen identified as Lion Muigai remarked, “Daily nation has decided to serve Moi’s family with reality! Their father was a dictator, brutal and unforgiving! Power is illusional.”

Sammy Monoo pointed out that, “Today’s Daily Nation calls a spade, a spade and not a big spoon.”

Lene Kioko uttered, “The Daily Nation has decided to aim for the bush, not beat around it. Hard truths you will not find in any issue of The Standard for sure.”

As Mzee rests on, his legacy both good and bad remains engraved in the lives of Kenyans affected directly or indirectly.

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