Bahati’s Comment On Banging Diana Marua Sparks Wild Reactions

Bahati and Diana (Instagram)

Bahati left fans visibly titillated after announcing that he is about to enjoy a weekend of ‘twa twa twa’ with his wife Diana as they celebrate their fourth anniversary.

“#Valentines ❤️ Taking Her to an Undisclosed Destination… Somebody Say TWA TWA TWAAA,” read Bahati’s cheeky comment.

A post that attracted hundreds of comments from fans who couldn’t believe what he had just posted. While some were irritated by the post others had some wild reactions to it.

Bahati and Diana (Instagram)

Check out some of them below:

weezdom254: Sasa hii ni pressure gani unatuwekea? I thought Bahati ulikuwa speaker kesho men’s confrence🙄

yvonnekates: 😂😂 ayam done with you Bahati 😂😂 Twa twa twa… Baby number 3 loading.

goodboymuziki: Twa twa na iyi jua yote🤣🤣🤣

Mungai Bastian: This Bahati might be choking monkey like the rest of us 😂

philly_mghoi: 😂 twa twa baby on the way #baby dunia AKA earth in the making

gash_webbo: Si uache apone na alizaa tu juzi…bahati wewe na wewe nktest

Boniface Ndeleva: Enda mkamangane na uwache kutupigia na twa twa twa zako hapo…,,enda umange kashosho kako pole pole hatukataki

Torrey Vega: TWA TWA TWA…TWA waombea,twawaombea,twawaombea kwa Mungu Baba Mwenyezi Muumba😌

Joseph Maina: When the holy spirit departs you, your brain ceases to think in the ways of the Lord. Don’t let money and fame ruin you, this are just temporary earthly leisures. Accept Jesus as your personal saviour once more. Don’t forget what happened to your bro, papa Dennis!

Que Suplex Aluz: Trying to mind my business but wish you two best Vals ever. This year hakuna makasiriko, twa twa Baha..

Karan Secret Cullen: Lack of maturity. I believe your big son can read and understand that. It’s like everyone was waiting for this Mama to talk about Twa twa then they would gain the courage to post it anyhowly, what if another preacher somewhere does it practically in a seminar somewhere will you All copy that? What if it was just verbal diarrhea?

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