Usijicheze! Here Are Tips to Dating a Married Man that you’ll need this Valentines

Affairs of the heart are quite complicated. You don’t get to choose who you love you are just drawn to them and end up desiring to spend your whole life with them. With the messed up dating world that we are in right now, and the fact that nobody wants to feel lonely, cases of ladies dating married men have become rampant.

It remains a topic up for discussion on how wrong this is but in the meantime, here are the dos and don’ts when dating a married man;

1.Don’t catch feelings

Falling in love with a man who is already committed to someone else will only get you heartbroken. The best thing to do is to have fun with it. Live the moment. Go for drinks, road trips, enjoy the clothes and other gifts he buys you but do not get too attached to the point of falling in love.

2.Ensure you benefit financially or career wise

If you are going to take this risk and date a married man, it is only fair you get to earn something from it. It is obvious he is never going to leave his wife for you so clearly you won’t benefit in that way. So let him write you cheques, randomly send you upkeep money, sort some of your bills. It’s either that or he helps you get a good well-paying job or even start a business for you.

3.Don’t ask about his family

His wife and kids should not be your concern at any one point. Don’t ask how they are faring or which school his kids attend or what family gathering they are having when. As a matter of fact, if he tries to bring it up, brush it off completely. Getting to know someone on a deeper level only gets you falling for them if not jealous. Make it as casual as possible. Also, do not stalk his wife.

4.Keep dating other people

Eyes on the price girl! Remember the only reason you are with this married man is because you don’t want to feel lonely. The idea here is to find a life partner who will fully commit to you and Love you genuinely. Actively go out and meet other people and spend time with them. Don’t hold back, you never know, it might work out for the best. Don’t forget this man gets to have you and go home to his wife too so do not commit to him.

5. Don’t get pregnant

This is never really up to you as things happen but it is important to take precautions. Whatever measure you take just avoid getting pregnant for him. A lot is bound to happen if you get pregnant. He may ask you to do something as dangerous as performing an abortion, he may ghost you or deny the pregnancy. Besides, this situation will also keep you stuck with him for longer and your baby will end up growing with an absentee dad.

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