WATCH: MPs Burst into Songs as Moi’s Body Leaves Parliament

Members of Parliament from across the political divide shocked many in an unprecedented move where they harmoniously burst into songs and dance in honour of the late President Daniel Moi.

Just at the close of Monday’s public viewing of the body, the elated MPs quickly grouped into a choir to sing for Moi as his lifeless body snaked its way in a highly-guarded convoy of military vehicles.

Kenya’s Parliament in session. PHOTO: Courtesy

When you thought it was over, the MPs began chanting the former benevolent strongman’s slogans as the military officers cleared the installations they had assembled at Parliament during the public viewing session.


A report by Parliament’s Clerk Michael Siala showed that some 213,000 had shown up to view former President Moi’s body during the three days of Saturday, Sunday and Monday of February 10.

Official statistics revealed that some 24,863 people viewed Moi’s body on Saturday while the number shot to 115,637 on Sunday and 72,500 others viewing the body on Monday.

An interdenominational prayer session will be conducted on Tuesday, February 11 before the former President is interred at his home in Kabarak on Wednesday.

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