Flashy Sonko Wears Ksh12K Jeans to Moi’s Body Viewing

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, on Sunday accorded deceased former president Daniel Moi a royal send-off, attending the latter’s body viewing draped in expensive designer wear.

Sonko arrived at Parliament donning a Versace sweatshirt, his signature wear, as well as sleek silver footwear.

The embattled county head, who in the recent past claimed to be undergoing financial difficulties after his bank accounts were frozen amid an ongoing corruption probe, also wore designer jeans, from veteran American designer Ralph Lauren.

Sonko arrives at Parliament on Sunday to view Moi’s body

According to online retailer E-bay, the denim jeans belonged to Ralph Lauren’s men’s varsity P-Sullivan collection, and the flamboyant governor had to part with around Ksh. 12,000 to acquire the garment, that was part of a limited edition.

A screengrab of Sonko’s jeans worth, as of Feb. 9, 2020.

Sonko is not new to exotic clothing and is considered one of the most fashion-forward politicians in the country, alongside his Mombasa counterpart, Hassan Joho.

In January, the troubled leader wore a Versace t-shirt, whose estimated value was placed at Ksh. 80,000, to a court session in Nairobi.

In December, he was nabbed by anti-corruption officers in Nairobi while wearing a Ksh. 53,000 t-shirt, which was painfully ripped in the commotion that ensued during the dramatic arrest.

Governor Sonko in court in January

He was arrested over charges of graft and abuse of office, with claims that he knowingly awarded business opportunities, to companies affiliated to him, specifically garbage collection tenders, from the Nairobi County government.

Consequently, the governor was barred from office, with a leadership vacuum threatening to bring the once flourishing city to its knees.

Sonko nominated a deputy on Jan. 6, but the vetting process for the nominee, Anne Mwenda, is yet to take place.

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