Betika Shikisha Bet: Punters Discover New Way to Beat The System

If you are a bettor, you probably know why most punters go for multi bets instead of single bets.

You stand to make more as the new tax regulations have made single bets less desirable. The struggle is in getting good games, analysing them and hoping that they all go as predicted.

Some bettors have however found a way around this challenge.

They are now using the bet builder, a betting option offered by some betting firms, which allows them to create a multi bet within one game. One of such bet builders is Betika’s Shikisha Bet.

Shikisha Bet allows a bettor to pick one game that they know well and predict outcomes like who will score, how many yellow cards or corner kicks will happen in the match, will any of the teams be awarded a penalty kick, will there be a red card, etc.

In addition, outcomes like which player will score have boosted odds which increase a bettor’s chances of winning significantly.

Here’s an example of a punter who made Ksh 14,800 after tax, from a bet of Ksh4 on the Tottenham vs Man City game.

Bettors have been known to bet on leagues they are not familiar with when there are no good games to choose from, Shikisha Bet is a good option for such bettors as it will increase chances of winning for gamers by giving them control to determine their own possible outcome for each game – beyond the usual ordinary staking options.

Betika customers have expressed excitement over this product because it gives them more control over how they game. It is all part of the firm’s mission to improve customer experience and they believe that this will achieve that since customers can get more out of each game.

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