5 of the Weirdest Habits Kenyan Househelps Have

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Many women work as maids or house helps not only in Kenya but around the world as well. In Kenya, the career is majorly dominated by women but there are men as well.

There are a number of weird habits shown by maids that many Kenyans can attest to seeing. One that has been trending all over social media has been Betty Kyallo and her former house help after Betty accused her of stealing. It has instigated a rollercoaster of emotions from Kenyans.

Here are some of the weird habits portrayed by some maids that many Kenyans can relate to.


Just like Betty Kyallo, many Kenyan households have experienced getting robbed from by maids. Reports by many women and men indicate that the things stolen include clothes, money and food.

Gossipping with other maids

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It is a common occurrence to find a group of househelps hurdled up at a spot in the neighbourhood during the day when their employers are at work. While there, they gossip and hang their employer’s dirty laundry to each other.

Eating children’s food

Some maids have a weird habit of eating children’s food. Some also pretend to have fed the children while they haven’t.

Seducing husbands

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It is not a new story when you hear the husband of the house ran away with the maid, leaving his family behind. In other occasions, they take off with the security guard or local shop keeper.

Going to shags in December and not coming back

Many families report that some househelps never show up to work after going for their December holidays. They do this without warning to their employees. This does not only happen over the holidays. Some also don’t show up after going to church on Sunday.


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