Uko Na Ujinga Sana! Kenyans Bitter After Spotting Kikuyu Singer Ben Githae Supporting BBI

The BBI report has brought unexpected reactions from Kenyan politicians and citizens.

So far BBI campaigns have been held in Kakamega, Kisii, Mombasa and Kitui. These rallies are been held to show support for this ‘handshake’ report. The politicians attending these rallies are also taking the opportunity to defend their seats for 2022 elections but some are denied or even chased away.

For instance, the Kitui BBI rally, Moses Kuria was restricted from it because he allegedly insulted President Kenyatta. Charity Ngilu had instructed the security to take him away.

Let him be removed, let him go, No one abuses President Uhuru is allowed here,” Ngilu shouted as the MP was pushed from the podium,” she stated.

Have some of you asked themselves, what will 2022 be like if these BBI rallies are steamy already?

Kenyans were mad today after they saw popular Kenyan Mugithi musician, Ben Githae out here supporting the BBI report. In the photo, he is seen holding a pamphlet that reads, ‘Vijana na BBI.’  The ‘Tano Tena’  hitmaker was attacked by Kenyans online and here are some of their reactions;

So Ben Githae has no shame after singing Uhuru tano tena he’s back with vijana na BBI. Please let’s not entertain such people around us. We’re about to make another mistake. Ben Githae is a total fraud. #wajinganisisi #UhuruKenyatta #moseskuria #BBIInKitui #BBINonsense.”
“He must be stopped.”
“Hapa najua ni tishoo pekee walitaka. Halafu you should allocate then part of BBI 10Billi as a show of solidarity. Meanwhile, Kenya yetu sote.”
This is a scam #vijananaBBI.”
“I hope uko na pesa tayari. Usifanywe kama wale wasee wa Waiguru ukuje na # ingine kesho ya kulia anti BBI.”
“Oya, kua mjanja. Kula iyo pesa na unyamaze. Wacha kuonyesha watu ujinga yako.”
We are waiting for them in 2022 with those job placards on the street of Nairobi begging for jobs?”
Stupid. BBI is trash.”
“We are waiting for them in 2022 with those job placards on the street of Nairobi begging for jobs?”
The power of 500-1000 Bob. I wish someone looked into the disappointment and frustration those young men feel.”
“I don’t see any contradiction. Uhuru got his tano tena now it’s Uhuru na BBI.”

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