Kenyans Celebrate After 700 Days of Njaanuary Come to an End

Its the last day of January aka njaanuary and Kenyans cannot hold back their excitement.

January has been nicknamed njaanuary in the country to show the rate at which people get broke after spending almost all their savings in December celebrations.

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January is not a slow month just in Kenya, but all over the world. It comes with its own blues that most cannot deny. Getting through January is an extreme sport for most Kenyans. It usually seems longer for most people because of the economic times.

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Kenyans have flooded social media to express their joy and celebrate that the long month is finally over. Best of all, the month comes to an end on a Friday.

“Surviving three months of Njaanuary ain’t a joke. I feel like a legend somehow, Thanks to Allah,” wrote @achuti_geovan.

Check out the hilarious tweets below;



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