James Nyoro’s Journey to Being Kiambu Governor

James Nyoro was not a well-known man in Kiambu County in comparison to the likes of ex-governors William Kabogo and Ferdinand Waititu.

Nyoro was not a name that could turn heads in the political arena hence not considered a threat to the two.

Before diving into the murky world of politics, he started as the MD of the Rockefeller Foundation for Africa region.

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro during a past interview

The politician held the position from 2008 to 2012.

Despite his low key presence in the sector, in 2013, he risked everything and went after the seat at the time held by the powerful Kabogo.

When everybody laughed at the efforts of Nyoro, the man pushed on and unfortunately but bravely lost to the former county boss.

Kabogo after his triumph remarked that Nyoro was just but a passing ‘cloud’.

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo

The Kiambu man’s efforts had, however, attracted the interest of the elites of the jubilee government after the elections.

He landed the post of Senior Advisor to the Presidency in things Food Security, Water and Climate Change in 2016 and was posted at the Deputy President William Ruto’s office.

Still trying to find his feet in the game, Nyoro resigned from the post.

The tough-talking leader claimed that a lack of professionalism caused his exit.

In 2017, Nyoro threw himself into the mix and tried out for the post again.

For a second time, the politician cut his ambitions short and opted for a different method.

He and other leaders interested in the seat, rallied behind Waititu under the banner of United for Kiambu.

Ferdinand Waititu and James Nyoro receiving the Jubilee nomination certificate

The lot believed that the controversial politician was the man best suited to drive the county forward.

Nyoro became the embattled Waititu’s running mate in an election that saw Kabogo sent packing in overwhelming fashion.

The man had finally bagged his first and bittersweet win against his biggest foe after being trolled.

Nyoro and Waititu’s newfound relationship, nevertheless, developed cracks two years into the running of Kiambu County.

The two fell out hard and would throw jabs at each other publicly.

Babayao in 2019, was barred from office by the court and Nyoro assumed the role of county boss.

At one point, Nyoro’s bid to reshuffle the cabinet in an effort to seal what he termed as loopholes in the revenue authority, hit a snag.

December 19 the same year, proved to be a turning point after 63 MCAs voted to impeach Waititu.

The trouble-laden leader moved to the Senate to seek help in overturning the decision after he claimed that the process was done illegally.

Fast forward to January 29 2020, the same Senate upheld the impeachment decision and compounded Waititu to a dark reality.

During all this time, Nyoro quietly kept to himself and geared towards the idea of being the next governor.

Despite his swearing-in being temporarily halted on Thursday, Nyoro had his dream achieved after he was made the governor in a ceremony presided by Judge John Onyiego.

Kiambu Governor James Nyoro with Judge John Onyiego

In the event, the court upholds Waititu’s ouster, it will be a case of history repeating itself come 2022 if Kabogo decides to run for governor seat.

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