Stivo Simple Boy Shows Off His ‘Cute’ Friends From Spain

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Kenyan singer Stivo simple boy has today caught the attention of many after he shared a video of him hanging out with his Spanish friends.

In what seems like a video shoot for his next project, his friends back him up by singing along to lyrics of his yet to be released song.

“Hapa niko marafiki zangu Kutoka uko Spain,.” He wrote in his caption

From the lyrics, it is clear that the ‘mihadharati’ hitmaker is set to release a love song. Stivo proves that his music in terms of context has advanced over the years considering that he started off his career addressing societal vices.

Apart from his anticipated song, some Kenyans seemed impressed by the fact that the Singer has earned such a huge following from different parts of the globe.

In one of his previous posts, Stivo once shared a video of his American fans supporting his music and this is not the first time he has received support from an international level.

Although Stivo expressed his gratitude to his Spanish friends, some Kenyans made fun saying that he has become of Kenya’s tourist attraction.

Check out some of the reactions

Paulo De Susa You’ve become a tourist attraction. You are doing good to Kenyan ecomony

Charles Olunga Beshte niule anakusho ukweli my brother? Bro achana na microphone, look for something else to do please

Kelvin Rodgers T-kero So he is now a tourist attraction with tourists all the way from Spuayne
Liz Kamau Hapa bro umechoma bro wataenda kusema 🐒🐒 🐒🐒 🐒🐒 🐒 za Kenya znaattract tourists na nyimbo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣mungu nifunze kunyamaza
Teddy Chris Stivo bro…this people shiuld pay to see you…they think you are a tourist attraction
James Kaka Rasugu Aaah someone tell simple boy tuko na shida ya locust asituongeze nyingine
Samson Gonzi ao wazungu wanaku enjoy…kabisa, wee unaona una gain tu
Senior Mzeke Yakuza Wanakuchukua video wakauze ulaya on how kenyan musians look
Chero Chero Someone stop Simbo boy😂😂🤣🤣🤣we have enough problems please

One thought on “Stivo Simple Boy Shows Off His ‘Cute’ Friends From Spain

  1. simple boy forget those crap let them call u names but u are gaining momentum when themselves are doing nothing getting nothing. wewe endelea either way u are progressing.

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