Panic After Bomb Alert in Parklands

Nairobi residents were left quivering in fear after a bomb alert was issued at Parklands area, Nairobi.

Panic struck after occupants of Doctor’s Park building at 3rd Parklands Avenue, were informed of a suspected explosive and forced to evacuate the premises.

Reports indicated that a piece of paper at the infrastructure noted that there was a bomb on the fifth floor.

Doctor’s Plaza at 3rd Avenue Parklands
Crowd at Doctor’s Plaza at 3rd Avenue Parklands

Further information disclosed that bomb experts arrived at the scene to assess the situation and cordoned off the area.

Pedestrians and motorists were advised to use alternative routes after the road was closed to facilitate the operation.

The culprit behind the scare is yet to be identified by the relevant authorities.

Three weeks ago, the DCI came out to disregard reports of a wanted terrorist indicated to have been was spotted in Nairobi.

The move was due to images of the criminal being circulated online and information propagated that Maulid Bilal together with another person, was seen outside the Naivas supermarket at Westlands.

“This terrorist was spotted today in Westlands. Let’s be on high alert and inform the authority when spotted because he managed to escape before the police could be called,” read a message shared by a netizen.

The George Kinoti led department pointed out that the two were just ordinary citizens.

“Today a popular social joint/restaurant in Nairobi, without verifying or confirming or without any facts, by mere physical suspicion, photographed some innocent people who had, like other patrons, gone there for hospitality services circulated their photos with a caption of an alarmist caution that may cause apprehension and fear to patrons and members of the public,” read a statement from the DCI.

Images of the two men mistaken for terrorists

In the same week, a man openly carrying an AK 47 caused a stir in Pangani area.

The man was pictured with the weapon while in civilian clothing and suspected to be a criminal.

Police Boss Phillip Ndolo who confirmed the incident, explained that the man was an AP based in the North-Eastern area.

Ndolo highlighted that the officer was wrongly identified and had gone to collect the firearm from the Pangani police post where he had left it the previous night.

Police officer mistaken for a criminal

He added that the situation was rectified after officers had apprehended him in dramatic fashion.

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