Hot like Pepper! Meet Doreen Majala’s Pretty Mother

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Former NTV Swahili news anchor Doreen Majala recently been going through a lot and we admire her strength.

If you have been wondering where Doreen got her flawless pretty face, she definitely took after her mother. She shared a photo of her mom that got the internet talking. Fans could not help but praise the mother for her exquisite beauty.

Here are some of the reactions from the fans;

gregopande79: Ua mum so pretty.

njorogejoe42: Like daughter…like a mother.

okumu okundi: Lovely very lovely.

official.dullahking: Beautiful girls

Ms Majala had revealed that she left her marriage due to physical abuse and how it was challenging to start from scratch. The Kenyan beauty added that it took her two years to walk away from her marriage at night and the only thing she left with was her handbag.

2 yrs later…the courage of walking away at night with only a handbag & starting from scratch. I tell you today, IT IS POSSIBLE to get back on your feet no matter your story.
The noise, the damaging articles, the scrutiny, speculation and the disrespect from intruders who thought it is possible to break through someone’s wall and camp next to it. Long gone,” Doreen Majala captioned.

The young lass is set to launch her foundation, Doreen Majala whereby it’s about creating an opportunity for every child through education.

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