Jogging and 5 Other Physical Activities You Should Avoid While Pregnant

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Being physically active is important in pregnancy as it prevents complications and makes your labour easy.

But that does not give you the freedom to perform just any physical activity that you feel like.

As much as expecting a baby is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life; pregnancy too is a time of caution to ensure that both the mother and the baby are safe and healthy.

If you are pregnant, you need to stop doing some activities, which could prove to be dangerous to you and the little one inside the womb.

Certain types of yoga

Engaging in yoga has an equal measure of ensuring a pregnant woman’s health is good but some positions that require a mother to stretch and twist should be avoided.

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Example of such yoga poses include; closed twists, belly-down postures, full inversions, and backbends are a few to avoid.

Running and jogging

Running and jogging are good for a mother only if it has been a habit for them. While a lady is pregnant, starting a fresh running or jogging routine is not advisable because there’s a high risk in having an injury.

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One should try to walk rather than run or jog, as they have better control over your speed.

Sauna bath or hot tubs

Other than the obvious infections one can get from an unclean bathtub, relaxing in the tub with the water too hot can be dangerous as it can increase the chances of birth defects, placing the baby at a greater risk of being born with brain and spinal cord defects.

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Do not exercise lying on the stomach

Lying on the stomach in an uncomfortable posture that may injure the baby, especially after the first trimester.

Rigorous work

Pregnancy is a time to take things easy, and if you wish to exercise, do it at home or a nearby gym. It is advisable to engage only in light exercises and with the air condition on.

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Heavyweight training

Lifting heavy weights can strain your back and pelvis. It can also lead to leaking and increases the chances of prolapse (uterus slips into the vagina). If you have to lift anything heavy, try to hold it close to your body.

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