Hilarious Reactions After Rare Osprey Bird Dies in KWS’ Hands

Netizens on Monday took to social media to castigate the Kenya Wildlife Service, following news of the death of a rare migratory bird that flew 6000 kilometers, from Europe, landing in Siaya County.

According to the KWS, the bird died of organ failure, following the starvation it had endured during its journey to the country.

Kenyans were, however, unconvinced by the wildlife service’s postmortem results for the rare bird, instead accusing the government of recklessness and incompetence.

Finnish authorities on Sunday confirmed that the bird had indeed originated from the country, and requested the KWS to release it so that it could complete its migratory pattern.

According to a section of social media users, KWS officials must have been in the process of striking a financial deal for the rare species, owing to the rampant corruption among government institutions.

Others were of the opinion that being in Kenya is a bad omen for any type of living being, since the all-around toxicity in the country is bound to destroy everything of value.

Others saw the bird’s death as a supernatural message to errant Kenyan leaders.

KWS said that the before its demise, the bird was being fed with a plan to return it to the spot where it was first captured in Kenya, so as to allow it to complete its journey.

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