DJ Evolve’s Wins Big in Case Against Babu Owino

Felix Odhiambo alias DJ evolve is set to benefit from the high court ruling of the pre-bail hearing of Babu Owino.

In his ruling, Magistrate Francis Andayi granted the Embakasi East a Ksh 10 Million cash bail and also ensure that DJ evolve benefited from the bail terms.

Felix Odhiambo on the deck

The magistrate ruled that the Kh 10 Million sum to be collected from Babu Owino will be used to settle hospital bills for the Victim, DJ Evolve.

Babu Owino was compelled to pay the hospital bill of the man he allegedly shot.

The legislator admitted to the court that he took the victim to Nairobi hospital for treatment after a shooting incident on January 17, 2020.

He also added that he was ready to take care of the DJ’s medical bills as he underwent treatment for the two gunshots he suffered on the neck.

Earlier on, the victim’s family opposed Babu’s bid to be released o bail citing that he was in fear, has not slept for days because he is scared for his life and future.

Since the shooting incident, the family has raised multiple concerns and fears over their Kins health condition.

The deejay has so far undergone two successful surgeries, where a bullet that was lodged in his neck was removed and later on a blood clot.

Even though the other surgeries had been successful, the family are scared of the tracheal complications their loved one has since then developed.


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