Moses Kuria Reveals Agenda of Tanga Tanga’s Night Meeting in Naivasha

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria on Sunday evening disclosed the Agenda of a Jubilee meeting to be held on the night of January 26.

Dp Ruto and Moses Kuria: PHOTO COURTESY

Kuria said that the meeting is a Jubilee Parliamentary meeting that all the Jubilee Senators and Members of Parliament will be attending.

Apart from it being an annual Jubilee party event, this time they will focus on how to plan their 2022 succession politics and counteract Raila Odinga and the BBI report.

“We are going to start planning our 2022, it is not criminal. You can not go and give ODM the BBI mantle ndio wajipange huko mbele na sisi tufungwe mikono, ” said Kuria.

He went ahead to castigate ODM leader Raila Odinga for the mistreatment he faced during the BBI consultative forum in Mombasa on Saturday.

Kuria, on Sunday morning alleged that an ODM MCA accosted him, took away his BBI hat and seat at the Mombasa BBI meeting.

“It was a constitutional requirement yesterday to call Raila Baba. If supporting Raila is the ticket to heaven, let me go to hell. I say yes to BBI and not to Raila,” he lamented.

However, in the midst of the night meeting set to be held in Naivasha, is a divided Jubilee party.

The meeting is reported to have only Deputy President allies in attendance and not all the legislators from Jubilee party.

Nyeri Town MP, Ngujiri Wambugu who is known to be Anti-Ruto, said that the meeting is a Tanga Tanga and not official Jubilee affair.

Speaking to the press Wambugu said that he was not aware of the parliamentary meeting and further described it as a Tanga Tanga outing.

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