I Would Date Huddah – Bongo Singer Aslay

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

‘Natamba’ singer Aslay has confessed that he would date Huddah Monroe in a quick-fire question session on Milele FM.

This was after he was asked who he would date between petite Huddah Monroe and bootylicious Vera Sidika.

With this confession, Aslay joins the increasing list of male celebrities who have shared their love for the Huddah Cosmetics CEO.

DJ Demakufu recently confessed that he would date Huddah when asked to choose between the two socialites. He explained that would pick Huddah as he cannot handle bootylicious women.

“Huddah ndio size yangu. I like slim women because they are easy to handle. Vera is beautiful and curvaceous but I cannot manage her. That nyash is too big,” Demakufu told Mpasho News.

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

Singer Masterpiece had earlier told NTV’s Udaku Sasa that Huddah is his type of woman as she is not only intelligent but also entrepreneurial.

“Kuna dada mmoja pale mimi namlike sana anaitwa Huddah. Namlike kama crush kwa sababu wanawake wachache sana wako kama yeye. She is a very smart woman na mwanaume kuwa na mwanamke smart kama yeye basi maisha yako iko sawa,” said Masterpiece.

Masterpiece (Instagram)

Kagwe Mungai also confessed that he too has a weakness for the petite beauty.

“I have many reasons and I’ve told her. I think she’s hardworking and the fact that she’s built a strong brand for herself. Na obviously anakaa fiti sana. I like an independent woman, I like a woman who wants a man in her life, but does not need a man,” Kagwe told Pulse Live in a previous interview.

Big Tril, the ‘Parte After Parte’ hitmaker also revealed that he has a weak spot for Huddah Monroe.

“Right now I’m single. Kenyan girls are fine. Of course, I’d be interested in a Kenyan girl. The ones I’ve been seeing on social media are fire, the likes of Huddah. Maybe when I come down in Kenya, y’all will get me a Kenyan wife,” he said during an interview with Pulse, a local publication.

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