The Day Gladys Shollei Offered to Die to Save Her Son

Uasin Gishu Woman representative Gladys Boss Shollei offered her life in order to save her son from the wrath of an irate mob.

The former Chief Registrar of the Judiciary intimated to the media how shocked she was when she received a phone call from his son’s mobile phone informing her that her son would be killed if she did not arrive at the scene of the incident.

                                               Uasin Gishu Woman Representative, Gladys Boss Shollei

On arriving, she said one villager had his bow aimed at her son’s heart ready to release the arrow but she protected him by standing between her son and the villager.

“I told the man to kill me and spare my son and his colleagues whom I knew were innocent and victims of mistaken identity.

she added, “one old man who appeared to be among the ringleaders hit my son’s friend with his rungu on the shoulder shouting that the kids were indeed thieves and that the car they were travelling in had been driving around the area for some time.”

In 2014, Keeto(Shollei’s son), 16 then, and two friends were driving to his grandmother’s house, when a white lorry blocked them at Chemenei trading centre in Kipchamo location. They attempted to drive back to where they had come from but a group of about 300 youths waylaid them.

Keeto said that they were ordered to get out of the car.

“While down on our knees, one villager challenged me to call my parents to explain to them about the incident so that they may be aware of the happenings,” said Keeto.

When officers from the Plateau police post arrived, the youth fled the scene “for fear of being victimised.”Area chief George Tarus condemned the incident, saying the locals did not alert the police.

He said residents failed to provide information to the police after claims that a suspicious car was sighted in the area.

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