Aisha Jumwa Chased Away During Live TV Interview

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa woes hit a new level after she was confronted during a live interview.

Jumwa, who had been away from the spotlight, held a brief meeting with the media in regards to the planned Mombasa BBI rally.

The embattled lawmaker, who is a member of the Tanga Tanga faction, remarked that the group would attend the meeting in full-force on Saturday.

Malindi MP Aisha JUmwa during a past rally

While describing the anticipations to the event, the trouble-laden legislator’s remarks were cut short by a group of rowdy youth.

The youth armed with stones chased away Jumwa and the fourth estate claiming that the MP had constantly oppressed them.

The Deputy President William Ruto ally was able to continue with her presser after the hooligans went their way.

Following the incident, she reiterated that the country had just seen what the BBI agenda entailed.

Mumejionea na ujumbe umefika nyumbani. Wamekuja wakasema ndio hawa hapa na wakaakanza kuitisha pesa zetu.(You have seen for yourselves that the message is home. They have come here and started demanding for our money),” uttered the Malindi MP.

Jumwa remarked that she was surprised why President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mombasa Governor Joho were roped into the incident.

Mara mwisho mumeskia wakitaja Uhuru na Joho. Hii inaonyesha vizuri wametumwa, wameongea na mumejionea.(At the end, you have heard them mentioning Uhuru and Joho. This clearly shows that they were sent to do this),” explained the lawmaker.

The controversial politician had earlier disregarded claims of a showdown during the weekend meeting.

She noted that the negative narrative was something being propagated by the media.

Mimi naona hizi hype ni creation ya media yakwamba kutakuwa na showdown sijui wapi ama wapi. Showdown ya kitu gani?(On my part, these speculations are being generated by the media in that there will be a looming showdown. Showdown for what?), ” explained Jumwa.

The small altercation left Kenyans wondering whether the same will be witnessed during the forum.

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali came to Jumwa’s rescue as he single-handedly chased away the group of approximately seven goons.

Ali noted that the same gesture by the goons would be reciprocated when the leaders behind the fracas, visited other regions.

The lawmaker categorically noted that Suna East MP Junet Mohamed should keep away from matters affecting Mombasa.

“Junet (Mohamed) keep your Migori we keep our Mombasa…Tunakukaribisha but you cannot plan for us who will talk and who will not…We will be there tomorrow in Tononoka,” pronounced Ali.

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