(Video) Sexpert Sue Gacambi’s Gift to Jailed Babu Owino


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Popular Kenyan Sexpert Sue Gacambi has a gift for jailed Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino.

Taking to her instagram account, Sue promised to help jailed MP to quench his sexual desire while in jail.

She went ahead to request the officers manning Industrial Area Prison to allow her in and gift Babu Owino with brand new sex Debby.

“Hii message ni ya Babu Owino, najua sai uko jela na jua sai haunyanduani mtu ata wife yako juu uko jela,, mimi nko na present yako ya dildo sijui itakufikiaje jela Babu miata hii ikufikie sijui kama nitaitikiwa mimi naomba access uko jela nitakupea for free,”She said.

“Nataka tafadhali please afande naomba mwenye ako karibu na Babu Owino nataka ifikie Babu Owino”.

The  Embakasi East MP is currently remanded at the Industrial Area Prison awaiting a court ruling on his bail application on January 27. After he was denied bail after he allegedly shot DJ Evolve, who was reportedly unarmed.

The incident is said to have occurred at the popular B Club in Kilimani Estate, Nairobi.

Police say the lawmaker argued with the DJ, whose real name is Felix Orinda before he drew his gun and shot him on the neck.

Babu Owino was arrested moments after the incident and taken to Kilimani Police Station.

Watch Sue’s video

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