Kenyans Bash KDF after Manda Bay Attack Exposé

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has received a backlash from a section of Kenyans on Twitter after the New York Times revealed they took off leaving US troops without cover.

The American press revealed that the Kenyan soldiers slept on the job after Al Shabaab climbed the base perimeter wall to gain access to the airstrip in a battle that saw three US servicemen killed.

US soldiers pose at Camp Simba, Manda Bay. PHOTO: Courtesy

Wednesday afternoon, flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir took on the matter to discredit the KDF soldiers who are reported to have run and hid in the grass as the militants overran Camp Simba.

In his words, Kipkorir stated: ” Now we know why no KDF Soldier was killed yet US Elite forces were when al Shabaab attacked Manda Bay military base in Lamu … When al Shabaab attack began, KDF ran & hid in the bush … The KDF soldiers should be court-martialled for cowardice.”

However, he would face backlash from a Twitter user identified as @lunasogun who told off the lawyer for ‘delving into matters beyond (his) grasp.”

Upon which the lawyer replied: “Why should a soldier run away from bullets? You are not an athlete! A true soldier must die standing his ground. You are a coward.”

Here are some of the reactions:

However, a different group ran to the rescue of the beleaguered KDF officers, saying they did whatever was in their judgement the right thing.


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