Junet Issues Stern Warning to Tanga Tanga as They Plan to Attend Mombasa BBI Rally

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed on Tuesday sent a bold message to leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto after they revealed that they will join the BBI caravan in the Mombasa consultative meeting.

Taking to Twitter to express his take on the move, Junet warned the group against any plot to jeopardize the BBI course saying they will be in for a rude shock.

FILE: Suna East MP Junet Mohamed.

“I hope that they are coming to Mombasa ready to focus on what’s important and NOT for sideshows. Because should they attempt sideshows, they’ll have themselves to blame. BBI is about national inclusivity. Glad to welcome them to Mombasa,” tweeted Junet.

Besides, the Suna East MP took a swipe at the leaders saying the latest development was a testament that the group was peddling several lies regarding the Kisii and Kakamega meetings.

“Having held two successful BBI meetings in Kisii and Kakamega during which Tanga Tanga MPs berated us with wasting taxpayers money, we are pleasantly surprised with their new change of heart.

“What it confirms is that a lie told severally does not become the truth simply because it is told repeatedly. Since BBI started, this particular group has told so many lies,” he added.

Junet noted that their sudden shift on the BBI rallies did not come as surprise since their criticism were blatant lies.

“We knew – and that’s why we are not surprised – that sooner or later, this group was going to find out that the country is moving forward and they are being left behind,” continue Junet in the thread.

The MP added that their sudden shift came after realizing that the country was making satisfactory progress in the BBI course as they lagged propagating lies.

He urged the group to denounce their earlier remarks that the exercise was a waste of resources given that they had now decided to join the BBI caravan.

“So, while I welcome them to Mombasa – as that is the very essence of BBI – I would have been very happy if they would now confirm to Kenyans that the exercise is no longer a “waste of public resources,” he said.

Junet remarks came hours after Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen, who was in the company of leaders allied to DP Ruto, read a joint statement announcing that they will be joining the BBI caravans beginning with the Mombasa rally.

The group said they were looking forward towards uniting the country and shunning divisive politics.

However, the group conditioned their competitors to stop using public funds in facilitating the BBI meeting.

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