Terence Kamami’s Desperate Calls and Texts to Side Chic Exposed After Getting Dumped

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Instagram sensation Kamami aka Terence Creative is in a lot of trouble after the woman he cheated on his wife with exposed his desperate calls an texts to her despite allegedly breaking up.

The cheating scandal rocked the nation last year as receipts of their secret relationship with Anita Soina were revealed by Youtuber Edgar Obare.

Kamami’s dirty laundry was hung for all of to see, including his dotting wife Milly Chebby and their beautiful baby girl Milla.

He finally came clean on cheating on his wife on his social media and even apologized to his wife, promising never to repeat.

Well, I guess that promise did not stand as evidence of him still calling Anita have emerged. According to the screenshots posted on Anita’s story, the calls and texts date to as soon as December last year, after the very public break up.

In one message seen on the screenshot dated December 12, 2019, Terence allegedly texted her, “Kulenga nayo”. According to the screenshot, it is clear he is not over her.

Check out the screenshot below:


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