Ruto Sends Raila Back to the Drawing Board With Latest Move

A move by leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto to join their political competitors in pushing for the BBI agenda has definitely come as a surprise to many.

Considering the fact that the group has been castigating the BBI consultative meeting held in Kisii and Kakamega County labelling the meetings as political rallies aimed at reinventing ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s dwindling political fortunes.

Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Closer analysis of the BBI meeting held in Kisii and Kakamega paints a picture of an alignment that had apparently united for a common course; against DP Ruto.

Not once or twice, speaker after speaker who addressed the gatherings openly slammed the DP accusing him of dishonesty in pushing for the BBI agenda.

Despite the DP having declared his utmost support for the BBI, the group seemed to have believed otherwise.

The two meetings held in Kakamega and Kisii turned political with DP Ruto finding himself at the receiving end of the wrath of Raila’s ardent supporters.

With DP Ruto’s allies promising to be part of each meeting set to be held henceforth, the Tanga Tanga political function has ostensibly court Raila and his supporters off-guard.

But even as the Ruto-led team pledge to work together with their competitor in their course to unite the country, City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Believes that their motive is not clean.

“TangaTanga BBI Agenda runs contrary to Gov’t BBI Agenda … TangaTanga has re-affirmed that it supports BBI as launched without changes …

“Gov’t position wants to enrich the Report. Their intentions to join Raila led Rallies is purely for nuisance purposes. Shouldn’t be allowed,” tweeted the Lawyer.

Also, KTN ‘s PointBlank show host Tony Gachoka believes that the move by Tanga Tanga to join the BBI caravan aims at fighting the initiative from within.

“Tanga Tanga has held a press conference & are now ‘joining’ BBI, after saying it was a reckless misuse of taxpayers money.

“These hustler people held a failed parallel rally in Mumias now they think they can ruin from within,” tweeted Gachoka.

Given that DP Ruto has been the subject of the previous BBI meetings, will the Mombasa one attract a different approach or a standoff is in the offing?

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