One Thing That Will Determine Babu Owino’s Fate in Gun Drama Case

For embattled Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili, alias Babu Owino, his fate in the attempted murder charges filed against him will only get a reprieve once the victim Felix Orinda, alias DJ Evolve, files a statement that will vindicate him from the grievous charges.

Babu, who was arraigned on Monday and denied charges read before him, was denied bail after the prosecutor led by Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Jacob Ondari protested the bail application saying the MP may interfere with the witnesses.

Embakasi East MP Bab Owino in court.

However, Babu defence team led by Lawyer Cliff Ombeta dismissed the prosecutor’s presentation saying the move by the former student leader to take the victim to the hospital was a kind gesture that showed the humanity in him.

According to a report by Citizen Tv, Criminal Court Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi said he will consider the opinion of the victim first before ruling on whether the MP will be granted bail or not.

The victim is said to have not yet recorded a statement on the matter but his take on the event will be key in determining Babu’s fate in the case that in all appearances throws him in one of the toughest moments of his life considering that if found guilty, the MP may face life imprisonment.

Babu was arrested on Friday morning following the shooting incident at Kilimani based posh entertainment joint, B-Club, that has since left DJ Evolve fighting for his life at Nairobi Hospital.

However, it is not clear yet who took the victim to the hospital with both the joint and Babu claiming that they did so.

An exclusive piece by Opera News established that Babu was involved in a confrontation with the DJ after the former teased him over a woman who was in his company.

Opera News established that the MP did not take the matter lightly and shot the DJ at the neck.

In video footage of the incident, Babu was captured holding a gun and shooting towards a direction believed to be where the DJ was.

Another footage also pictured a man believed to be Babu, in the company of another man, dragging the victim’s body outside the club.

The incident happened on Friday morning around 7 am.

Babu was arrested on the same day and spent the weekend at Gigiri Police Station.

He was remanded at Industrial Area Police station after being denied bail.

According to Babu, who released a statement on the same day, the shooting incident was a culmination of the assassination attempts that he had expressed fears about.

The MP, however, did not disclose whether he was the one who shot the DJ.

His bail application ruling is set for Monday 27th January.


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