‘My Step-daughter Sneaked Into My Room to Caress Me’- Worried Mother Confesses


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A worried stepmother residing in South C has come out to reveal the horrific and unimaginable thing she had to endure courtesy of her step-daughter.

It is every parent’s nightmare to have a child with an incest sexual fetish. Read a step-mothers confession below:

Hallo Naomy, this is a bit sensitive, I need advice. Thanks.

So, I’m a 29-year-old woman, I fell in love with this 45-year-old widower who has four daughters. The eldest let’s call her Trish, amemaliza fourth form last year so let’s concentrate on Trish because hapa ndio shida yangu iko.

All the kids are cool with me. I go over to spend time during the weekend, they love me na nawapenda pia. I live in South C while bae and kids wanakaa Muthaiga. So last month, Trish requested to come over kwangu, which I understood maybe she wanted to talk to me you know, girl talk? Mother figure?

Image result for black mother worried

We had dinner as usual, talks hapa kule but I noticed something odd from the teenager. She kept maintaining an uncomfortable eye contact with me which I ignored. She kept insisting on hugging me which nlishangaa mbona coz she did not look sad or with any problem.

Late night, she moved from her bed to mine na nlishtuka she was touching my breasts. I was so shocked. I politely told her off and she left in the morning upset. Mums please, do I tell her father or what should I do? I’m confused because she might end up creating stories to bring rifts. I went to their house today and she didn’t greet me. Help, please.

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