My Husband is Sexually Abusing My Six-year-old Daughter and I’m Heavily Pregnant – Woman Confesses

My Husband is Sexually Abusing My Six-year-old Daughter and I’m Heavily Pregnant – Woman Confesses

A woman has confessed that her new husband sexually abuses her 6-year-old daughter.

“I already had a 6 years old daughter before I married my husband. He seems to be so nice to me and my daughter but starting from last week I notice my daughter’s step changed and each time am bathing her, she screams each time I go close to her private part. So, started asking her questions. she told me her daddy use to put his finger in her private part and also ask her to suck his private part. I became so angry immediately,” read part of the confession.

She, however revealed that she is at a crossroads because she is heavily pregnant and wondered if she should leave her marriage

My Husband is Sexually Abusing My Six-year-old Daughter and I’m Heavily Pregnant – Woman Confesses

“All I can think about was to report him to the police or divorce him, but right now, i am heavily pregnant expecting twins. My life has not been the same. I confronted my husband, and he told me that it was a mistake. Am afraid of leaving my daughter with him these days. I am getting worried day by day. Should I leave my marriage 🤷?” she asked.

Her confession angered members of the Kilimani Old School group why felt that this is a no brainer, she should dump the husband.

Check out some of the reactions:

Jane Wamboi: Wake -up umelala sana,

Lucy Njenga: Kill that idiot!!! N you still in that house??? Are you mad??? Kwani wewe maternity hukudance kanungo kama sisi??some mothers though!!! Save your girl stop being stupid!!!

Mercie Blessed: Next time atamrape

Angela Jane: That’s a criminal…for the sake of the girl and safety of you and ur unborn kid’s report him.

Roxanna Mercy: Pregnancy should not be an excuse, don’t you love your daughter?

Dorcas Lion: Khai… and you are still there?

Esther Wanjiru: Gai bado uko huko you call it a marriage

Sonnia Kennedys: So we still have stupid women out there like this one ,,,,that he goat should be in jail as you type this but you should him over an innocent girl whom you can’t protect from that beast you call husband ,,,,idiot

Lord Amos Nganga: I can advice every woman here, if you have a kid before you get married, don’t expect that man to be 100%a real dad. Some mistreatment must appear at some point. That marriage will be shaky ever. For you will be out always monitoring how you kid is treated n no man no matter what can give a 100%attention to another mans usidanganyike.juzi hapa ruiru a boy aged 12was routinely being sodomised by the man he calls his dad for 3years after his mother married when he was four years. The boy confessed at the hizi mambo za kuolewa na mtoi just know you are endengaring your child’s life n you will install hatred in that child unknowingly. So be wise ladies n men who intend to get married.

Kimetto C Sharone: Silly woman…nikikupata naeza kuswaga …your waiting for your baby girl to get raped so you can take action just because you’re heavily pregnant?????

Irene Moraa: This is a fool asking this, your daughter is being molested n your taking in crap that your pregnant,,🙄🙄🙄is pregnancy sickness that you can’t heal?? not unless you don’t love your daughter, rubbish

Makena Mercy: Your daughter was sexually defiled by this man, and you still want to live with him??? And he says it was a mistake!!!! Are you listening to yourself sister??? That was not a mistake, it was a DECISION….!!!Ngoja huyo mtoto afike teenage years, akomae vizuri, ndio atamkula vizuri vizuri na amtie mimba. You say you’re looking out for your twins?? Are they more important than your daughter?? Usipoteze Tisa ukikimbizana na kumi. I’m already breathing fire on your behalf.

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