Murkomen Makes Major Pronouncement Ahead of BBI Rally in Mombasa

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen on Tuesday, while in the company of other leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto, made a bold statement ahead of the BBI rally set to be held in Mombasa.

Speaking at a press conference, Murkomen announced that he and other leaders allied to DP Ruto will attend the Mombasa BBI meeting set to be held on Saturday.

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen.

“We shall participate and contribute towards the success of the already organized BBI rallies across the country, beginning with Mombasa this weekend,” said Murkomen.

The leaders also expressed their total support on the course saying they will be a party to each subsequent meeting set to be held in various region adding that their motive is to enhance inclusivity and unity across the country.

“We have today met and resolved to support existing efforts and complement the already scheduled rallies, we are organizing rallies in other parts of the country.

“We shall soon announce the calendar of complimentary rallies to reinforce those already published. To these rallies, everybody irrespective of political opinion is invited,” added the Senator.

Murkomen, who was reading a joint statement for the team, added that they were only opposed to the use of public resources in facilitating the rally.

“We are opposed to the use of public funds in the organized BBI rallies unless appropriated by parliament or county assemblies. Our participation & organization of BBI rallies shall be through personal contributions,” he said.

The pronouncement marks a new shift in the BBI debate considering that the leaders have not attended the previous meetings held in Kisii and Kakamega.

The leaders have instead been criticizing the meeting and labelling it a plot to reinvent the ODM leader Raila Odinga’s dwindling political fortunes.

The leaders also emphasized the need to include all leaders as they chart the BBI course forward.

They also announced that they will be having a retreat of a larger group within one week to have a discourse on better ways to bring the country together.

The move by the MPs came hours after the ODM party cleared the air over its party leader’s involvement in the BBI course.

The Orange party announced that it’s party leader Mr Raila had not declared interest in the 2022 General Election adding that their support for the BBI course had nothing to do with 2022 politics.

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