Man Gets a Dog’s Beating From Prostitute for Refusing to Pay for Services (Photos)

Man Given A Dog’s Beating by A Prostitute for Refusing to Pay for Services

A man got more than he bargained for after refusing to pay for a prostitute after enjoying her services. The man is seen on camera getting a dog’s beating from the enraged lady of the night who did not even bother dressing up to beat her customer.

“Give me my money!” the prostitute shouts while manhandling the slender man.

Give me my money!

“Give her money now,” the crowd chimes in before the woman picks up a stone and thumps his head with it.

Things escalate and the woman strips off his t-shirt and slams his body against a car attracting gasps from the crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle.

Two men intervene and pay the prostitute but she is still not happy and gives him one final slap before retreating.

Give me my money!

Cases of prostitutes beating up their clients often entertain crowds in Africa but one recently turned bloody.

This was in Zimbabwe where a woman hit a client with a bottle on his head before punching him causing him to black out. The reason for the violent exchange was because he had offered to pay for her services with a boiled egg after fondling her breasts.

The man identified as 26-year-old Moses Mushonga who was bleeding heavily from his head told local media, “She could have just said no.”

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