Is Atwoli Financing His ‘Unknown Child’ or Heir Apparent?

Moses Nandalwe, popularly known as Moneybags or Kenyan Aliko Dangote is a youthful politician in Bungoma, loaded in pockets.

He is a former Kenyatta University students’ leader, trouble maker who shook the once no-nonsense Vice Chancellor Olive Mugenda as he agitated for students’ rights.

Atwoli and Nandalwe in the past.

In a very short span, the lad has amassed considerable wealth that is an envy of his peers.

But where does he get his money?

For long, and in many occasions, he is seen with firebrand and flamboyant trade unionist Francis Atwoli since he left the University of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

His association with Atwoli has raised eyebrows with some quarters questioning their relationship with murmurs doing rounds that their relationship maybe beyond what is in the public.

Nandwale and Atwoli during a past funds drive.

However, Moneybags has on many occasions put public his relationship with the trade unionist explaining that to him, Atwoli is his father figure.

Nandalwe has over the years expressed his unwavering support for Atwoli since his school days as a University student leader explaining that the COTU boss has guided him through until he has become a man of his own.

He has held his hands through turbulent tides and now he is ready to face strong politicians like Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula and now John Waluke for the Sirisia constituency seat.

Atwoli has showed him through business and guided him how to give back to the society.

Atwoli seen here with Nandalwe after a Tv interview.

But is it just friendship?

Many have argued that moneybags could be Atwoli’s biological son or maybe, he is grooming him to take over powerful leadership at the giant trade union.

What shocks many is that whenever you spot Atwoli, the next person they will most likely see is this young man.

Nandalwe’s wealth, as said by many, can be directly traced back to the unionist.

Last week while inspecting Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega ahead of the BBI rally, and after all elected leaders had spoken, Atwoli introduced the young man to address the public referring to him as Aliko Dangote.

Nandalwe speaks at Bukhungu as Atwoli and other leaders look on.

Nandalwe has one of the most expensive and beautiful residence in Sirisia leaving no politician competing him.

His residence is commonly referred to as “Russia home” in Sirisia constituency where he boasts of rearing animals and birds besides crop farming.

He earned the names moneybags and Aliko Dangote in 2013 when he used to campaign with helicopters in Sirisia and splashing loads of cash to residents from the air.

He has assisted residents through his Nandalwe Foundation ambulance, tractor, bursaries, built an ICT centre, Tailoring centres among others.

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