Video of Pastor Exorcising Oral Sex Demon from Woman Goes Viral


A video of a pastor exorcising an oral sex demon from a woman has gone viral.

The pastor in question is Prophet Ed Citronelli of Ed Citronelli Ministries, NY, USA.

According to the smartly dressed woman, the demon came to her at night demanding to put his penis in her mouth.

“The demon came with its penis and put it in my mouth,” she confesses before the exorcism began.

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He came again and he slept with me last week. And I told the pastor that I need deliverance again and since then my private parts have been itching.

During the exorcism, the lady is seen screaming and widening her mouth as if to get rid of the demon in her mouth. She seems like she is throwing up yet nothing is coming out.

“Look at that demon, oral sex demon,” the Pastor is heard saying over and over again.

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He is also seen exorcising demons from her private parts as she screams as if she is on fire.

The video has elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

Bryan Smith laughed saying, “I have been passed out on the floor dying of laughter for the past 10 minutes Haha! You couldn’t pay me enough to be able to keep a straight face and sit through this.”

“This is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet all year! Thank you sperm wheeling, crabs giving demon,” added

David Andronico.
Check out the video below:

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