Miguna Miguna Unexpected Actions After Stivo Simple Boy Begged Him to Stop Taking Alcohol

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Mihadarati crooner Stivo Simple Boy has landed on the wrong side of Miguna Miguna after publicly calling him out to the world.

According to Stivo, the politician has been sponsoring people with alcohol in clubs. This is after he saw a picture of the politician making merry with some people surrounded by bottles of alcohol.

This goes against everything the musician stands for and he, therefore, decided to call him out. Stivo has sung a popular song advising the youth against taking drugs, so you can imagine his disappointment.

“As we discourage Alcohol, Miguna Miguna is busy sponsoring people with Alcohol in Clubs, vijana tuache mihadarati,” wrote Stivo.


Apparently, a few moments after Stivo sent that tweet, Miguna Miguna did the unthinkable and blocked him. Stivo revealed that he had been blocked on his twitter page, expressing even more disappointment at Miguna.

Check out his posts below;

Here are some of the reactions that followed from Kenyans.





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