10-year-old Preacher Angers Many With Antics on NTV Show

DJ Mo and Victor on Crossover 101 (Instagram)

On Sunday, NTV hosted Reverend Victor Githu, a budding 10-year-old preacher on their Crossover 101 show.

However, Kenyans had their misgivings about the preacher with some accusing the parents of brainwashing their son and others argued that they should let him be a child, he was too grown.

Reverend Victor Githu (Twitter)

This could be because of how Victor carries himself and his revealation that the doesn’t miss playing with other kids.

“Do you miss being a child? Do you miss going out and playing with kids?” Grace Ekirapa one of the show’s hosts asked.

“No (I don’t miss playing with other kids). If I’m playing I don’t like playing games where people end up fighting. I like games like riding a bike and swimming. I love swimming a lot,” he said.

The fact that he sounded like the typical Kenyan preacher further alienated him from netizens who claimed that he ‘forced an accent’ and was a ‘fake pastor.’

However, Victor said that he is now used to criticism as people used to say that he was ‘crazy’.

“People used to say that I’m crazy when I started preaching, but I tell them one thing, you’d better have craziness that can take you far than the wisdom that will take you nowhere,” he told the hosts during the NTV show on Sunday, January 19.

Below are some reactions to his appearance on the NTV show from various social media platforms:


Sagina A Sagina Nifundishe kunyamaza aki. A reverend is a member of the clergy..Anyway i pray by the time Reverend gets to adolescent Mungu bado atabaki Mungu and that the little pride growing in him shall be tamed.. and that he shall not deprive himself the childhood moments.. he is too young to act mature.. to advice people. May God send him a mentor

J-lo Steven’s: Apana. Mnakosea huyu mtoi. Let him be the kid he is. It’s just for a moment. I was not inspired. I was disturbed.

Khalan Dave Khalan: Just allow this kid to be mentored by a serious male preacher.
I don’t mean to imply that God cannot use young boys/girls but it is clear that the boy is copying what he has seen/heard. He needs to be pastored and allowed to grow through the stages of both physical and spiritual life. The media will destroy him because of the interviews/exposure/hype. Speaking in public is not preaching

Naomi Muthoni:  In our village we say” if you skip some steps when young, you might go through them when old’. I hope the young rev get time to play with other boys and have fun. Pastors round him should continue mentoring him.


mokogoti4570: Aki hako Katoi sikapendi kanaongea mingi

wahitotravels: This boy has a big problem and from a parent point of view he should be checked.The way he is speaking raises so much and as a parent I would be worried 😟

sarahkatile9260: 🔥🔥🔥blessed pastor there say hi to him

stacy_charless: So challenged..this young man is full of wisdom
nanamusicke: This jamaaa ni 🔥🔥🔥🔥…👏👏👏


@mitch_njiule: Praiz the living Gad.. Purweiiz tha livin Gaaad.. Fwuuuuuu

@AuroraPrecious1: on top of all this kutweng anaishingi na suti kama bank manager
@MihrThakar: He should stop putting on a fake accent and stop swallowing his words and just speak slowly and clearly. Whenever I put on a fake accent, I do it for fun or playful deception or when I’m mf drunk. The fake accent should never be used to impress others.

@BP_Rodgers: Enough with this nonsense, just cut the crap it’s boring now

@mwendiaomati: This is stupidity. How does the media support this😂

@nimrod_josh: There was a kid some years back, forgot his name, who was taken around by his father to lecture about human brain. Wish he advises this boy.

@MorioAnzenza: We can never beat poverty with religion.
Train your kids to acquire beneficial skills

@ngalanaomi: Sometimes I think this young fella is couched and his parents are trying to make money from him

@tcrde: Did you mean coached?🤔🤔 if yes, I agree, the boy is so scripted that u can pick that his words are more mental than spiritual

@patnmwanzi: Damn People, Can’t you see What’s wrong with AFRICA? Why you giving this Kid Airtime??? You NTV are a part of the Problem.

@EzekielMureithi: REMEMBER TITHE AND OFFERING IS NOT TAXED!! Even kids have discovered they can easily swindle Kenyans and get away with it😂😂 See you on the road driving a V8 from the “flock” Pastor Reverend Victor Githu
Good move!!

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